quinta-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2018

Pensamento do dia... Compatibilidade

Sabe, para dar certo em um relacionamento durador é necessário ter um minimo de amizade e compatibilidade. Eu mesmo sempre achei que combinava com uma certa garota que conheci ainda criança e sempre estudamos juntos. Mas anos depois, quando fui me declarar a ela, ela parece não ter pensado o mesmo que eu. É uma pena pois, se você tem o mesmo jeito tímido que uma pessoa, teve uma convivência/amizade ao longo dos anos deveria ser um ótimo indicador de compatibilidade. Compatibilidade a longo prazo.

Pena que o coração de algumas pessoas estão duros demais para perceber isso...

sexta-feira, 6 de outubro de 2017

Love Poetry

Love Poetry
October 4th, 2011 20:40 PM

I’m loving her, even before I meet her
I am hugging her even before I feel her skin
I ‘m kissing her, even before I get there
I will marry her, because now I know I’ll win

They are divorced, because their love died
We are engaged because our love is just starting
We don’t know if it will last forever
But I love you, that is true. I’m not lying

Because my feeling for you it’s not just for an weekend
I am here just to hold your hand
And felt the softness of your skin
And be sure you love me, and not him

My heart bursts with fire for you
Does she mind what can I do?
I felt my heart beating slow and I don’t know why
When she says so long, Bye-Bye

But let hold your hands for free
Are you afraid of what it can be?
Tell me you don’t want to leave me
With a broken heart and suffering, you see

And you know, I am waiting for her voice to appear
In the air, on this Monday, is what I want to hear
Listen to the sweetness of her voice giving me tips
The thing I want most is to feel her lips

Where is she from? I must know!
She must be from an intense loving feeling of my soul
She is the rarest girl in the whole South America
To be her boyfriend is my most desired goal

Helder Henrique do Nascimento Peres

October 5th 2011 19:39 PM

Poetry for the matter

Poetry for the matter
Londrina, November 5th 2012

A poetry for the matter does not shatter
That is true what I say and whenever
I can stay with you for whatever
Until we find a definitive ending called never

No matter what they say I can live everyday
Living my life inside the bay
And searching for the flowers that bloom every may
I remember every single word that you say

If any of them are lies or the truth
I can only spend my days admiring my youth
Tearing my fears and chewing them under my tooth
Touching your face and feeling your skin that is so smooth

I can take all this sadness that turns my life blue
And see what, with my most noble effort I can do
Spending my days only to know what you feel for not hurt you
Hold your feminine hands just to know if your feelings are true

On my way to your house I pick a flower that sparkles red
Going on my way of hopes and dream always following the thread
Hoping that you can give me your attention and you devotion
If I can awaken on you a strong and powerful emotion

But I never taught such a pure girl would ever exist in this town
I’ve surrendered for the ignorant women with fool vow
I’ve never wasted my time with the non-pure emotions of seduction
I limited my dreams for the ones who cared about the world of conflict’s reduction

The intense need that I have to feel you soft and delicate skin
Could be the same that you have to hug me the way I have done to your body
To hug you so deeply that I can hear your heart beating with love
And the calmness of your soul as peaceful as a dove

A romantic poetry may look smart and clever
But it’s actually just a fraction of a true feeling
The ones that I’ve never felt before I saw your sweater
The heart is to feel loved and the poetry is for the matter

Helder Henrique do Nascimento Peres 11:22 AM

I was there to be free

I was there to be free
October 10th , 2012 Arapongas-PR, Brazil. 30:13PM

I was meant to be free and see the girls to go after me
I was supposed to earn hug everywhere I go
Since no one is nicer than me, I was supposed to be free
To give kisses and earn a hug or so

But today I don’t have enough time to write
I don’t know anymore what’s wrong and what’s right
I am a man that even don’t needing, I need to fight
Dreaming awake and loving at night

But happiness is not mine to enjoy it for long
I am not sure if I need to take some attitude or leave it be
If I need to kiss her by force or wait things happen
I only know, is that I was supposed to be free

Helder Henrique do Nasciemento Peres 20:19 PM

Adventurous Acceleration

Adventurous Acceleration
Arapongas October 10th , 2012 20:59 PM

Since I was born I’ve been one with the speed
Running all by myself having no worries and no need
And even that my friends were going missing by some strange foe
I am not afraid, I just go forward charging to the my goal

I have a partner by my side to me back me up
His tails are propelled though the air giving me a wide reach
We well race from to save our friends again, but this times with some extra help
With all the seven emeralds I’ll just stop when I my shoes are on the siege

Yet again that mad freak is frustrated, but he doesn’t give up
That’s ok, on that floating island we’ll find what his up to
A red guy stops me with a punch and steals my emeralds leaving dizzy
But I’m not let it pass, I’m here to save the day because I’m the one streak blue

A mad scientist that fools it all, trying to get that giant emerald
Now you red fool, you know who’s on your side and who is the crook?
Use you powerful punch to fight for justice just once, let’s go after that fat man
We are going stop him together with our mad skills that’s off the hook

And if you think that the day as was safe, you better think again
Even after I’ve defeated that metal version of me in a little planet of future and past
There’s still more evil that need to me stopped, and loops that need to be raced
This is the first episode of a new adventure and there’s no time to rest

I know haters will never open their hearts and be all right
Because we need to live and learn to stand up to the fight
We are the heroes that will never lose a fellow teammate
Even if when the curse consumes us in the night and it’s too late

Even if and adventure never actually happed it still exist
Because the colors of are so bright and with their power they consist
A whole new generation of quests that will come back in time
Running, riding air boards, slashing swords, going wild and never losing a rhyme

Helder Henrique do Nascimento Peres  21:25 PM

The King of Poets

The King of Poets
Arapongas, 13 de agosto de 2012 18:06

I am the best of the best
No one can get into me until they pass the test
There’s no time to lose and the past is past
Because the best actor of the show is the one who is out of the cast

I may not talk much but there’s no need to rush
They may have a full house but I got a royal flush
There’s no girl without dark hair that will cause me a crush
And they say, another day that I’ll like blond girls, no way

The only alcoholic drinks I put in my mouth
Are the sweet lips of a dark hair girl
My physical strength is only used to hug her softly
And when she look in my eyes no other rhymes are necessary

No one will ever forget my last two poems
They will live on forever on the limbs of history
And whenever you need me, I will always be there
My poems are full of love but if you need you can use them as mystery

I am the king of poets and none will stand against my might
The story of my life is a constant fight
The only rest I have is when it comes the night
Because there’s no end for trying to do what is right

I am a poet
A romantic poet
Your bell may not ring
But, of the poets, I am the king!

Helder Henrique do Nascimento Peres 18:25

Like a Teacher

Like a Teacher
Arapongas, 11 de agosto de 2012 16:13

He comes in the class only to tell you what to do
He never lets you down, you can spread on the ‘hood
When he gets into action, your English will get in shape
‘Case he’s a teacher and he’s not, actually he’s good

He talks no Portuguese, he makes no mistakes
When he is correcting your lesson, do you have what it takes?
Even though roses are red and violets are blue
He still is a teacher and he only tells the true

There’s no time for relax when you are in class
Prepare to meet your doom English issues
It will be no one who can’t speak in English when he makes a mess
I’ve told you, he’s a teacher and he doesn’t wear any shoes!

Like a Teacher!
Turn up the heater!
He’s classes are wild and you sure will lean

Like a Teacher!
Turn up the heater!
All the speaking skills you sure will earn

When you step in the class room, make sure to bring you book
Don’t forget to make your homework, because this is lame!
Pay attention on your lessons
Because he is the teacher and his teaching skills are insane!

While doing your conversation
Do not think in your nation
Make your tongue sounds marvelous sounds of non-Latin speeches
Creating new possibilities for you travel across deserts, lakes and beaches

Helder Henrique do Nascimento Peres 16:42

Swords that cut the path of Speed

Swords that cut the path of Speed

Arapongas-PR Brazil , September 30th, 2012 13:17 PM

I run through the vast fields with a vivid green in their grasses
This green is as green as my eyes, which are filled with curiosity
I serve to no one, only the wind that blows free seeking for adventure
My sword claim for justice and my feet, they claim for velocity

Every slash makes me closer to become a knight, a strong knight
The runs as fast as the fierce mighty of justice that seeks what is right
The enemies that oppose to my path, they don’t need to be my foes
If we fight for justice, there’s more in being a knight than just swing swords as it rolls

The real king is not someone that makes people suffer
Also, a warrior is not the one who battles enemies tougher and tougher
The real strength is seek by helping others and the by acts of charity
Carrying on the legacy of fights of the good fights’ clarity

Though shall never surrender to the evils of the underworlds
Instead of finding meanings of destruction, find an item of cure
If my sword is a little rusty, the Blacksmith mighty repair
If my heart is broken, the Lady of the Lake, can make it pure

My soul is source of speed and strength the aims at the rival
Striking him with precision makes the power goes up by a bit
There’s no chance for one who can’t make mistakes on knight points
I must fight fiercely and quick, but never let the folks be harmed by it

All the missions I must not quit, all the items I’ve to identify
Every page of the book I have to read, each World Ring must be mine
All the flowers, weapons, armors, cards, stones and medals are parts of my blade
End for every follower I earn, by acting with chivalry, must I give a dime

The race is just beginning, and even if I must be the villain just by once in a while
Saving the story of a book that will end when all the pages get five stars of skill
It is not an act of foolishness, but yet the justice of a peaceful end, and if you think that you have Power over me, notice that I am the knight of the wind saving the world without charging the bill

Helder Henrique do Nascimento Peres 13:53

terça-feira, 19 de setembro de 2017

Pensamento do Dia

Sabe, eu nunca tive ciumes de alguma namorada minha conversar com algum amigo da escola ou coisa do tipo. Nunca. Pois se ela gostasse mais de conversar com ele do que comigo, era sinal que eu é que não deveria estar namorado com ela e sim com alguém que me curtisse mais. Eu fico pensando porque existe tanto ciúme possessivo por aí e porque tem gente que aceita isso. Essas pessoas realmente não entendem, não entendem o conceito do amor...

Pensamento do dia.

Sabem, a primeira namorada que eu tive nos meus quinze anos maios ou menos eu era meio ciumento com ela, não deixa ela falar com outros caras e tal. Eu era adolescente, não sabia de relacionamentos... Acreditava ser normal. No fim nenhum tipo de controle e ciume barrou ela de me deixar por outro (e me humilhar no processo). Mesmo eu sendo o namorado mais atencioso e romântico possível. Já as outras que tive não tive mais esse problema e vivíamos bem exceto via do lado dela entre outras coisas. Mas eu aprendi que não adianta nada barrar a pessoa de ter amigos e conversar com outras pessoas. Que se a pessoa está com você é porque ela quer estar, e se ela não quer estar não adianta prender. É triste saber que nem todo mundo é maturo a esse ponto...