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The King of Poets

The King of Poets
Arapongas, 13 de agosto de 2012 18:06

I am the best of the best
No one can get into me until they pass the test
There’s no time to lose and the past is past
Because the best actor of the show is the one who is out of the cast

I may not talk much but there’s no need to rush
They may have a full house but I got a royal flush
There’s no girl without dark hair that will cause me a crush
And they say, another day that I’ll like blond girls, no way

The only alcoholic drinks I put in my mouth
Are the sweet lips of a dark hair girl
My physical strength is only used to hug her softly
And when she look in my eyes no other rhymes are necessary

No one will ever forget my last two poems
They will live on forever on the limbs of history
And whenever you need me, I will always be there
My poems are full of love but if you need you can use them as mystery

I am the king of poets and none will stand against my might
The story of my life is a constant fight
The only rest I have is when it comes the night
Because there’s no end for trying to do what is right

I am a poet
A romantic poet
Your bell may not ring
But, of the poets, I am the king!

Helder Henrique do Nascimento Peres 18:25