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Like a Teacher

Like a Teacher
Arapongas, 11 de agosto de 2012 16:13

He comes in the class only to tell you what to do
He never lets you down, you can spread on the ‘hood
When he gets into action, your English will get in shape
‘Case he’s a teacher and he’s not, actually he’s good

He talks no Portuguese, he makes no mistakes
When he is correcting your lesson, do you have what it takes?
Even though roses are red and violets are blue
He still is a teacher and he only tells the true

There’s no time for relax when you are in class
Prepare to meet your doom English issues
It will be no one who can’t speak in English when he makes a mess
I’ve told you, he’s a teacher and he doesn’t wear any shoes!

Like a Teacher!
Turn up the heater!
He’s classes are wild and you sure will lean

Like a Teacher!
Turn up the heater!
All the speaking skills you sure will earn

When you step in the class room, make sure to bring you book
Don’t forget to make your homework, because this is lame!
Pay attention on your lessons
Because he is the teacher and his teaching skills are insane!

While doing your conversation
Do not think in your nation
Make your tongue sounds marvelous sounds of non-Latin speeches
Creating new possibilities for you travel across deserts, lakes and beaches

Helder Henrique do Nascimento Peres 16:42